Good Fathers

father and two daughters

My dad, my sister, and I in the 1980s (I’m the little one)

Today wouldn’t be complete without a tribute to fathers.

I had considered writing a regular ol’ post just because I haven’t for a while and I wanted to catch up, but instead I decided it just wouldn’t be right to post anything different on Father’s Day.

I’m a lucky girl.  A blessed girl.  I have a wonderful father.

Sure, my dad has his faults.  For one, he is generally late.  Secondly, he is a terrible mess (some days I’m not sure where I come from, because I’m a neat freak and he is so…NOT).  And last, he has a tendency not to say things that need to be said.  Like that he loves his daughters.  That he’s proud of us.

If it weren’t for his random acts of kindness, I’m not sure I would know he does.  His phone calls during the day when he’s on a long drive and he’s “BORED” to the cash he slips me when he knows my family is struggling to the times he stops by my office to drop off a Reese’s peanut butter cup or a Pepsi just because…that’s how I know my dad loves me.

But most of all, I know my dad loves me, because he raised us.  From the time I was still an infant until I was ten years old, my dad was a single dad.  Even in the 80s and 90s that was unusual, but my dad did it.  And not just the kind of single dad who had his kids every other weekend.  He was the single dad who had us 24/7.  And my sister and I are 15 months apart.  I don’t know how he did it.  Thank goodness for babysitters and grandparents.

Speaking of grandparents, the second best man that ever lived is my grandpa.  If you ever wanted to meet a saint, you’d have to meet my grandpa.  I’m not sure if there is a single fault in that gentleman.  Maybe that he likes sweets too much.  🙂  When my dad would go away on business trips, we’d fly out to see my grandparents and stay with them for a while.  We had such fun.  My grandma is gone now, but we still have my grandpa, and I’m so glad my kids have had the opportunity to meet him.  He is a man that everyone admires and looks up to and loves.  I hope one day I can be as good a person as he.

I should probably get in trouble that Prince Charming is not #1 on the list, but at least he’s made the top 3!  As a single dad, my hubby helped to raise his daughters on his own.  While there were certain things out of his control, he certainly did his best to raise his daughters right.  He’s a great disciplinarian (when I am not), though when I go away…well…that’s a different story.  And even though he picks on our girls WAY too much, you can tell he loves them.  His fault is in that he is just like my dad and doesn’t tell them enough.  I just hope they see it in the way that I see it through my dad.  I’ve been blessed to marry a man who accepted my daughter as his own and was crazy enough to have another one with me.

And even though a few years ago, I never would have said this, I have to say Happy Father’s Day to Rapunzel’s father.  His is still very much missed and loved by many, and even though we went through some very difficult times, I have been so blessed to have Rapunzel.  I would not be the person I am today without him.

I’ve had many male figures to look up to throughout my life.  I’m blessed in that.  I know there are many who never have a father.  But I am truly grateful for the fathers who love and support their children and do whatever it takes to be there for them.  As much as they drive us crazy, the world is a better place with good fathers.