About Making the Most


In today’s economy, it’s tough to make ends meet–especially for parents.  As a part-time working mom of four daughters, I know what it’s like.  I’ve had to find alternatives to cleaning solutions, healthy meals, and even homemade remedies for various issues ranging from earaches to ear mites.  As a way to help others, I’ve come here to share what I’ve tried, what I’ve learned, and what we like in hopes that you can make things easier in your home as well.

Our family is a blended family, built from a wonderful man (Prince Charming), myself (if I ever have to refer to myself, I’ll just say Sleeping Beauty because she’s my favorite), Cinderella (14), Wendy (11), Rapunzel (5), and Tinkerbell (3).  We came together in 2008 to form a family: Prince Charming brought Cinderella and Wendy, and I brought Rapunzel, forming a unique family puzzle.  In 2009, we added Tinkerbell.  In October 2009, Coal joined our family (he’s a Golden Retriever/Mountain Feist mix), and in July 2012, Ebony, our black cat), completed our family.

And here we are to make the most of what God has given us.


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