A Disney Frozen Birthday

Check out the Disney Frozen birthday at my new home by clicking here.

10 thoughts on “A Disney Frozen Birthday

  1. Amazing! I’m doing the same theme next month for my daughters sixth bday, and am busy making snowflakes in my spare time to decorate with. Will use your post as a guideline to get me organized, thanks! Having such a hard time finding supplies, everyone is sold out! Making a lot myself…thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE the Frozen Thank You Cards. This is such a CUTE birthday party! My daughter just celebrated her 6th birthday with a Frozen theme as well but we were at a Bounce House and limited to what we could do with decor and food but it was still so much fun and as Frozen as we could make it!!! Love your ideas!!

  3. I loveeee these post cards you designed!! My daughter is having her 3rd birthday on March 15th with the Disney Frozen theme and these would be so cute!!! Love your ideas!! It’s so hard to find decorations or anything right now with everything being sold out everywhere 😦 So cute!

  4. Love love love these thank you postcards!!! So cute that they have some young child whimsy to them ;o) Cant wait to incorporate some of your great ideas into our March 22 party!

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  6. Love these ideas, I was planning on doing some of them for my daughters 4th bday this month. The activity/coloring book is a great idea. Do you staple the pages together for the kids or hole punch and use ribbons or ties or something or just give loose pages somehow.


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